Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for:

• Determining our vision

• Attaining the available financial resources

• Hiring Operation Managers

• Approving and getting vendors

• Oversight

Operation Managers

Our operations managers play a leading role in managing the Foundation needs both managerial and personnel.

  • Facilitates all the needs of the education centers and implements it with the consent of the directors.

  • Mediates between the directors and the field staff.

  • Reports, documents and manages the finances of the foundation.

  • Seeks out new intervention areas and appoints the right people for the field staff

The Parents

The parents have a very important role in our project since they are one of the key stakeholders of our foundation.

  • They also become a volunteer for the center’s activities

  • The parent’s association is part of our approach through which parents can have a role and equal rights in this movement.

  • The parent’s are educated about the welfare, health and protection of their children.

Our Teachers

Teachers are an extremely important facet of Tripathi Foundation for a multitude of reasons:

  • They educate our children who in turn become the leaders of the next generation

  • They leave a significant mark on the development of young children, helping them develop their knowledge to become responsible and productive members of the society.

  • The head teacher in all the centers are responsible for all the activities in the non-formal education centers.

Our Community Process

Follow us in our Journey

Tripathi Foundation is a non-profit, privately funded foundation in India. We believe in the power of education as a sustinable and long term solution for children in impoverished states.