Clean Village: Ensuring basic sanitary needs

—“Sanitation is more important than independence”

Mahatma Gandhi


—Sanitation, including access to toilets, is one of the several social challenges that a major concern in many villages in India. The foundation promotes a common system which can solve this issue. We support to construct common toilets separately for men and women. The local body of government is responsible for building and maintaining toilets and the foundation provides the financial resources. It ensures the access to basic toilet services on a sustainable basis for all without any discrimination.


Many poor people still use open areas for their basic toilet needs even women and girls. It brings many issues related with it even gender conflicts. This project governs aspects such as dignity, self-esteem, personal hygiene and public health that can prevent many issues. We hope that, a clean toilet can be the base for “peace of mind” for our communities.


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Tripathi Foundation is a non-profit, privately funded foundation in India. We believe in the power of education as a sustainable and long term solution for children in impoverished states.

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