Our Process

Assessment of the Area

  • We search for a village or an area where there is no school close by or no Non formal education center in the village

  • What are the children doing if they don’t go to school?

  • Visit the head of village and ask for a collaborative effort with their permission

  • Call for a parent meeting to ask questions regarding their income and opinions

  • How many children will come to the center?

Finding a Facility

  • Find a facility in collaboration with the village

  • We upgrade the facilities such as making necessary fixing to the facilities (doors, windows, furniture) repainting, cleaning the area, fixing the toilet.

Hiring of Teachers

  • Hiring of teachers who have previous years of teaching experience to educate the children

  • Classification of children according to age group as well as if any previous education background

  • Deciding the curriculum for the center like from the National Council of Educational Reasearch and Training (NCERT)

  • Maintaining each child’s profile to see their academic improvements

Sourcing of Vendors

  • We source out our vendors to supply delivery of food (fruits, breads, butter, milk, eggs)

  • Books, Art and Crafts and other school supplies

  • School uniforms for the boys and girls

  • Lastly, we source out vendors to provide us with power generator and hand pumps for clean water supply

Follow us in our Journey

Tripathi Foundation is a non-profit, privately funded foundation in India. We believe in the power of education as a sustainable and long term solution for children in impoverished states.