With One Candle

you can light hundred more candles, so the same way by changing one child’s life you can change many more lives and make a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a better tomorrow by changing the lives of impoverished children. We love to help, educate, empower and impact the lives of children, their families and their communities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make a world in which children will have a proper mental and physical development, health and nutrition, education and a right to survive. 


Our vision is to have a model for a foundation that promotes partnership with village and government with

the following characteristics:

Our Values


Our values serve to guide our mission and vision of achieving a better tomorrow for our children:

  • We seek outstanding and efficient standards from our staff members and we take responsibilities in using all our resources towards the betterment of children and their community

  • We keep our goals and standards high for ourselves and believe in continually improving our work

  • We strive for the highest standards of honesty and behavior for our foundation and its activities

  • We partner with the local community and its leaders to maximize the impacts of our efforts and to produce the best possible outcome for children

  • Our inspiration is to see the development of our children by seeing them smile everyday when they attend our centers

Our Dedication

The Poonam Tripathi Foundation is dedicated to the late Mrs. Poonam Tripathi.  She was a simple non-materialistic woman from a small village who loved and cared for children her entire life.  She left us at the age of 56 years.  Her life story continues to inspire and guide us today.

Follow us in our Journey

Tripathi Foundation is a non-profit, privately funded foundation. We believe in the power of education as a sustainable and long term solution for children in impoverished states.